TRiP research group

Beverly JIEU Xue Er, BSc
PhD Studentin

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Forschungsinteressen / Arbeitsschwerpunkte

Lipidomische Untersuchungen bei psychischen Störungen
2013 bis 2016
Diploma in Biomedical Science, specialisation in Medicinal Chemistry, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
2016 bis 2018
Bachelor of Science, major in Biomedical Science (First-class Honours), The University of Queensland
seit 2021
PhD student, Leweke Lab, Brain and Mind Centre, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Berufliche Tätigkeiten:
Student intern, Lonza Biologics Tuas | Quality Assurance
2015 bis 2016
Research student, Singapore General Hospital | Department of Clinical Research
2017 bis 2018
Honours student, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, Alewood Group
2018 bis 2021
Research Engineer, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, A'STAR
2020 bis 2021
Clinical Diagnostics Technologist, Stronghold Diagnostics Laboratory, A"STAR



  • Couttas TA, Jieu B, Rohleder C, Leweke FM (2022) Mini Review: Current state of fluid lipid biomarkers for personalized diagnostics and therapeutics in schizophrenia spectrum disorders and related psychoses. Front Psychiatry 13:885904
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  • Goggi JL, Tan YX, Hartimath SV, Jieu B, Hwang YY, Jiang L, Boominathan R, Cheng P, Yuen TY, Chin HX, Tang JR, Larbi A, Chacko AM, Renia L, Johannes C, Robins EG (2020) Granzyme B PET Imaging of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Combinations in Colon Cancer Phenotypes. Mol Imaging Biol 22 1392–1402.